Our latest Kickstarter update on Relics just went out for Dwarven Delve. Check it out: http://ow.ly/nJk64


A great story about Dwarven Delve from a writer who gets it. Big thanks to @RobsteinOne and @148Apps! http://ow.ly/nJ8SJ

Fools? Quite possibly. But fools who love dwarves.

Big thanks to @TheGame Walkers for their support of our Kick for Dwarven Delve! http://ow.ly/nGVPA http://ow.ly/i/2Ohkp

We want to thank INDIUS, the French indie game site, for the great mention on Dwarven Delve and its Kickstarter! http://ow.ly/nEfeP

Yowza! We just sent out our very first Backer Update Email. Very official. This crazy is underway.

We just kicked our brand new project, Dwarven Delve, and it’s already a Staff Pick. We couldn’t be more proud and humbled.